Timi Isaac, a dedicated gospel minstrel on a mission to bring God’s kingdom to earth through her music, is excited to announce the release of her new single, “By Force.” This powerful song of deliverance and recovery is poised to minister to the hearts and souls of listeners all over the world.

“By Force” is inspired by Matthew 11:12, which reminds Christians of their authority and the divine right to claim and recover what is theirs. The song is a powerful faith anthem that encourages believers to stand firm and hold onto God’s promises.

Timi Isaac’s ministry goes beyond her music. She also hosts a monthly worship session designed to heal and bring joy to thousands of lives, creating a space for profound spiritual encounters and transformation.

Speaking about her new release, Timi Isaac shared, “‘By Force’ is a declaration of the power and authority we have as Christians. It’s a reminder that we can boldly claim and recover everything that is rightfully ours. My hope is that this song empowers and uplifts everyone who listens.”

Timi Isaac’s unique calling and heartfelt worship have established her as a source of hope and inspiration in the gospel community. “By Force” is expected to deeply resonate with listeners, reinforcing their faith and confidence in God’s promises.

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