In quiet moments of respect in 2015, Prince Dayo felt engulfed by the Divine. As his heart overflowed with appreciation and worship, the melody of “Master” began to emerge within him, a testament to God’s omnipotence and grace.

The words to “Master” describe a story of submission and amazement, evoking Prince Dayo’s spiritual journey. Each verse is a declaration of faith, an expression of steadfast trust in God’s guiding hand. The chorus resounds with assurance through hardships and successes, doubts and uncertainties: “You are the Master, ruler of my life, in Your hands I find my strength, hope, and light.”

The song’s melody swells and falls like waves of devotion, propelled by Prince Dayo’s deep voice and the soul-stirring harmonies of his choir. Every note transports listeners to a sacred zone, where the divine presence is palpable and all-consuming.

“Master” is more than just a song; it’s a musicalized spiritual journey that demonstrates the transformative power of faith and the Divine’s unbounded love. Its ageless message of surrender and faith continues to inspire and uplift souls, inviting those who hear it to submit to the Master’s guiding hand.



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